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What is Arqivis

Arqivis is a SaaS ground-breaking & state-of-the-art software revolutionizing image capturing technologies, especially for the management, hosting and automatic transfer of images used for time-lapse work.

Arqivis captures, transfers and automatically stores images for several years; an impressive short video can be produced on any construction project progress. Arqivis becomes a great means of communication as it accentuates the progress of construction projects by image sharing, visual broadcasting and customizing advanced features.

About STVS
STVS is a Swiss company founded in 2004 and specializing in the development of IP video software, optimized for Axis products.
How it works

Arqivis is the finest way to keep a visual archive of your project and, icing on the cake, create an amazing long term time-lapse.

Are you building a project ? Simply install an IP camera connected to Arqivis server via an internet connection and Arqivis will take care of it.

Thanks to Arqivis smart web interface, you can access your project images anytime, share pictures, make time-lapses and more.

Easy to use, Arqivis is a brilliant visual tool and brings every project to another level. In one word, Arqivis is a dedicated tool for people who like to build.

Set up
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